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What Does Notice Of Proposed Abandonment Mean

By Robert Manchel on August 3, 2012

What does “Abandonment” mean?

If a chapter 7 debtor owns real estate, the trustee must determine if he can sell or abandon his right to the property.

The trustee will perform a liquidation analysis to determine if thee is sufficient equity in the real estate that will allow him to sell the property. If the trustee determines that the real estate has no value or inconsequential value to the bankruptcy estate, he must notify the court of same. The trustee’s notice to the court that he is abandoning his right to the real estate, is called a, Notice Of Proposed Abandonment.

The trustee abandoning real estate is good for the debtor, not bad. This means that the trustee does not want anything to do with the property and he is abandoning his right to the property. This does not mean that the debtor must abandon the property. When the trustee abandons his right to the property, the property comes out of the bankruptcy estate and vests with the home owner(s).

What is the reason for such notice? The trustee is required to forward the proper notice to the court, with a copy to the debtor and all interested parties. Although extremely unusual, any party has a right to file an objection to the trustee’s right to abandon the real estate. If no objection is filed with the court upon a certain date, the abandonment takes effect, prior to the scheduled court date.

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