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Attorneys Provide Valuable Help With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filings in New Jersey

Filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the federal bankruptcy laws is the right choice for many debtors, especially those with few assets apart from their personal belongings. Since a Chapter 7 bankruptcy seems simpler than filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, many people may be tempted to try carrying out their bankruptcy case on their own. However, the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts in New Jersey strongly recommend that anyone considering a Chapter 7 filing work with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to ensure the process is completed correctly.

An attorney with bankruptcy experience can tell you whether Chapter 7 is in fact the best option for you. If it is, the attorney can also make sure that you meet all the requirements before beginning the bankruptcy process. For instance, debtors filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy must first go through credit counseling with an approved credit counseling agency, or their cases may be dismissed. If you are eligible to skip credit counseling because you fit one of the specific exceptions in the bankruptcy laws, your attorney can advise you, and explain your situation to the court.

A highly skilled bankruptcy attorney will also make sure that all of the proper bankruptcy forms are filed and that they contain the right information. Forms that are filed too late or with missing information, can have serious consequences.

Experienced New Jersey Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney Robert Manchel can help you choose the best course of action and avoid costly mistakes in court if you are facing bankruptcy in New Jersey. To learn more, call The Law Offices of Robert Manchel today at 866-503-5655. We can discuss your personal situation and how bankruptcy protection may apply to your financial circumstances.

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