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Certified as a NJ Consumer Law Bankruptcy Attorney by the
American Board of Certification, which is accredited by the American Bar Association

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Why Hire Manchel New Jersey Bankruptcy Law


Mr. Manchel has practiced in the area of bankruptcy law since 1992. As of 1994, 100% of his practice has and continues to be limited to bankruptcy law and foreclosure resolution. Mr. Manchel has successfully represented thousands of individuals through the bankruptcy and foreclosure resolution process.


Robert Manchel is Board certified as a consumer law bankruptcy attorney, by the American Board of Certification, which is accredited by the American Bar Association. Board Certification is highly regarded by bankruptcy practioners. Board Certification requires rigorous standards relating to experience, peer review, continuing legal education, sophisticated knowledge of bankruptcy law and integrity. The bankruptcy reform law specifically recognizes and acknowledges the credibility of the certification. Information regarding bankruptcy and board certification may be obtained from the American Bankruptcy Institute’s (worlds largest bankruptcy organization) web site, as follows:

Mr. Manchel’s finance degree provides the extraordinary background that sets him apart from other bankruptcy lawyers.


All fees are reasonable. Robert Manchel does not charge any fee up front for a chapter 13. The entire chapter 13 fee is paid by the trustee’s disbursements, from the debtor’s trustee payments. This allows individuals the optimum opportunity for a successful reorganization.


Generally, attorneys are only accessible until the time the client retains the lawyer. However, Mr. Manchel provides his cell telephone number to all clients and is uncommonly accessible.

Experienced staff:

Mr. Manchel’s assistants are experienced in bankruptcy law and the foreclosure resolution process.