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NJ Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Guidance in New Jersey

If you struggle with unmanageable debt and harassment from creditors and collection agencies, you may want to consider scheduling a consultation with New Jersey bankruptcy lawyer Robert Manchel regarding Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.

Attorney Manchel has considerable experience in helping individuals and families regain control of their financial situation by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Given the new restrictions under the bankruptcy laws passed in 2005, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the path for debt relief if you or your family does not qualify for anther bankruptcy chapter.

Further, with the legal guidance of Attorney Manchel, you may be able to prevent losing your house to foreclosure and having other possessions repossessed while restructuring your debt payments.

Stop the phone calls and other harassment by collectors! Call New Jersey bankruptcy attorney Robert Manchel today at 866.503.5655!

An Overview of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debtors propose a plan that follows the conditions outlined in the bankruptcy laws setting forth the repayment to creditors over time. Debtors have the option of selling their home or presenting a 60-month plan to bring current any mortgage payments that are in arrears. Under some Chapter 13 repayment plans where debtors are behind on mortgage payments and have high credit card debt, they may only have to pay five percent on any outstanding balances.

Once the bankruptcy court approves the repayment plan, and as long as the debtors make the agreed payments in a timely manner to the bankruptcy trustee or through automatic payroll deductions, their property exempt to seizure by creditors.

Experienced New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer

New Jersey bankruptcy attorney Robert Manchel has provided legal guidance for many people in bankruptcy proceedings. He carefully explains the bankruptcy laws that apply to your situation and outlines the differences and similarities between bankruptcy chapters so that you can make informed decisions about what will be best for you and your family.

If you’re looking for a NJ bankruptcy lawyer to help you restructure your debt so you can make a fresh start, call 866.503.5655 today and schedule a consultation.