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New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney Explains The FHA Loan Modification Options

There are various types of loan modifications, or loan modification type resolutions that may be available to resolve an FHA loan that is in default. Typically, there is an order of priority as to the loan modification options, that are applicable for each applicant. The general loan modification types in order of priority are as follows: 1. Informal and Formal Forbearance repayment plan; Special Forbearance Repayment Plan; 2. General Loan Modification; and 3. FHA HAMP Loan Modification.

The mortgage companies review the loan modification options above in the order reflected above. This means that if the homeowner meets the criteria of an Informal or Formal Forbearance criteria, the company may offer same, prior to any other resolutions. If the homeowner does not meet the criteria for an Informal and Formal Forbearance agreement, they will then apply the homeowner’s criteria to the next option, in the order stated above.

It appears that the priority order of the loan modification options lists the least advantageous first, to the most advantageous, last. The application process for all options is typically lengthy and laborious. Also, needless to say, the modification options, clearly, do not include all people that are in default with their mortgage payments.

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