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What Is An FHA Informal and Formal Forbearance Plan? Explained By a NJ Bankruptcy Lawyer

An FHA Informal and Formal Forbearance Plan are types of resolutions of a defaulted loan, in New Jersey. Such types of resolutions are the first type that are evaluated by the mortgage servicer. These are the only resolutions that may be available for homeowners that are behind with their mortgages and cannot confirm a decrease in income or increase in expenses.

Typically, an Informal Forbearance Plan is a verbal agreement that permits the homeowner to cure their mortgage arrears within three months. Informal means that there is no written agreement required. Some type of documentation should confirm the verbal agreement.

Typically, a Formal Forbearance Plan is a written agreement that permits the homeowner to cure the arrears between three and six months. The mortgage servicer must determine that the homeowner is able to cure the arrears in such time, based on using only a certain percentage of their income.

The criteria of the above plans and other resolutions options in New Jersey are continuously changing. This means that the criteria of the above listed plans may change in the future.

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