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NJ Bankruptcy Lawyer Explains How To Pay Chapter 13 Payments

There are three chapter 13 trustees in the State of New Jersey.
Marie Greenberg is the chapter 13 trustee for the Newark vicinity.
Albert Russo is the chapter trustee for the Trenton vicinity.
Isabel Balboa is the chapter 13 trustee for the Camden vicinity.

All trustees require that all payments be made by certified funds, which means a money order, bank check, etc. The trustee will not accept personal checks. Every payment must indicate the debtor’s name and case number. Also, all payments must be sent to the trustee’s respective PO Box, located in Tennessee.

At the time of this blog, only Albert Russo accepts online payments. Mr. Russo’s website provides an explanation of the process and a link to the registration site. The online payment process will not automatically withdraw the payment from the debtor’s bank account and requires the debtor to personally enter the payment request for each and every payment. Upon entry of the withdraw request, the funds will immediately be removed from the account and deposited into the trustee’s account within 3 business days. The present processing fee for each payment is $1.50. If one payment is rejected for insufficient funds, the debtor will be permanently prohibited from future use of the system.

If you have any questions regarding the chapter 13 bankruptcy process, you may contact the office of Robert Manchel, NJ bankruptcy lawyer, at (866) 503-5655 to discuss your questions.

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