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In New Jersey, Who Will Know A Bankruptcy Case Was Filed?

Some people believe that a bankruptcy filing is published in a newspaper. However, this is not true. A bankruptcy filing is not published anywhere. Many people derive this belief because of the weekly sheriff sale notices that are published in newspapers. Also, people cannot obtain information about a bankruptcy filing from a google search.

Even though a bankruptcy filing is a public record, anyone that wishes to obtain the information must specifically request the information from the particular bankruptcy court. Sensitive information about a debtor or their family may be eliminated from the record and a person’s access.

Any creditor that is listed on the bankruptcy petition will receive general notice from the bankruptcy court, about the filing and their rights. If a chapter 13 case is filed, a copy of the plan will be provided with the notice. However, the petition is not forwarded to a creditor.

The debtor’s credit report will reflect the bankruptcy filing. Also, the debtor’s bankruptcy may or may not be reflected on the credit report of a person that owes a joint debt with the debtor.

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