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New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer Explains How Filing For Chapter 7 Differs from Chapter 13

Many people do not realize that there are multiple ways for an individual to file for bankruptcy in the state of New Jersey, depending on an individual’s assets and income. The Chapter 7 bankruptcy process takes about five months from the filing until discharge. If the debtor meets all of the criteria, all unsecured debt is discharged (eliminated). In a very small number of cases, the trustee may liquidate assets, if the debtor owns certain assets with a substantial value.

On the other hand, chapter 13 bankruptcy requires an individual to pay a monthly payment to a trustee for a period of thirty six to sixty months. The monthly payment is based on asset values, monthly income and expenses. A debtor may file under chapter 13, instead of a chapter 7, for various reasons, such as the inability to meet the chapter 7 criteria or to save a house from foreclosure. Chapter 13 requires a debtor to pay to a trustee all disposable income for the entire plan period. A chapter 13 may permit an individual to eliminate all unsecured debt, like a chapter 7, in addition to providing other benefits.

While many people adopt the approach that filing for bankruptcy in New Jersey will ruin their credit score, they fail to realize that large amounts of debt can wreak havoc on one’s ability to obtain credit. Although bankruptcy will negatively affect a credit score, an individual who obtains a chapter 7 or chapter 13 discharge may reestablish and repair their credit, within a reasonable time period. While filing for bankruptcy is not necessarily an option for all people, it is the most viable option for some.

In order to determine whether or not filing for bankruptcy in New Jersey is right for you, it may be in your best interest to retain the services of an experienced New Jersey bankruptcy attorney who will examine your financial situation and help you make the best decision. At the Law Offices of Robert Manchel, our legal team will walk you through the bankruptcy process, ensuring that you understand every detail along the way. To find out more about filing bankruptcy in New Jersey, call us today at 866-503-5655.

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