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Foreclosure Resolution in New Jersey

Although the economy seems to be slightly recovering, one major problem regarding New Jersey citizens relates to the growing number of individuals who have experienced an absolute crumbling of equity in their homes. This results with the mortgage payoff exceeding the fair market value of their homes. Whether the inability to fulfill mortgage payments is due to poor budgeting, excessive spending, failed investments, or unemployment, those facing foreclosure have various options in achieving foreclosure resolution.

While understanding the foreclosure process in New Jersey to its full extent is something that cannot be done in a matter of minutes, for those facing foreclosure, it helps to be familiar with a few important points. First of all, it usually takes two to three weeks after a foreclosure complaint is filed with the court for the lawsuit papers to be served to you or someone at your residence. Once you have been given the legal complaint, you still have some time to devise a valid and effective plan to save the property before the sheriff’s sale. Although, the foreclosure process, from the time of service to the sheriff’s sale, may take in excess of one year, the homeowner, should explore their resolution options immediately.

The first page of the mortgage foreclosure document is called a summons, which briefly explains the homeowner’s rights, including the fact that the court permits the individual 35 days in which to file a response. Most people do not believe that they have a valid defense to the lawsuit because the foreclosure action is due to a default on the payments. However, their may be a valid defense that is unknown to the homeowner.

To learn more about what your potential options are for foreclosure resolution in New Jersey, please visit for more helpful information. As an experienced attorney, Robert Manchel can help you decide what the best option is based on the circumstances surrounding your financial obligations. Call 866-503-5655 today.

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