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IX. Minimal Upfront Investment Required

Given the unceasing stream of creditor harassment and financial pressures beating on your door, you may loathe to entertain the idea of retaining a New Jersey bankruptcy lawyer. Unfortunately, you need not spend an arm and a leg upfront to get excellent service.

As the ninth post in our 10 Reasons to Hire a New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney blog series, we will address the role of the minimal upfront investment that is required when hiring a NJ bankruptcy attorney. First of all, debt resolution professionals in New Jersey often make grand promises, but fail to deliver consistent results. Moreover, many of these professionals require significant upfront payments and don’t provide much in the way of credentials, recommendations, or affiliations.

The good news is that you can retain a respected and time-proven bankruptcy NJ lawyer without significant risk — and without putting yourself at the mercy of excessive fee schedules:

  1. Free consultation – A good NJ bankruptcy attorney will provide a free consultation to answer questions, discuss the process and their philosophy. You can use this consultation to ask questions about the lawyer’s credentials and about your possible options and remedies.
  2. Fair fees – Some attorneys allow you to pay fees from trustee disbursements. For instance, attorney Robert Manchel (of the Law Offices of Robert Manchel), allows clients who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to pay his fees via disbursement — this way, clients get the most favorable possible resolution.
  3. No pressure – A good lawyer will not mind if you interview several other attorneys before you make a decision about whom to retain. By shopping around and exploring your options, you can feel more comfortable about your decision.
  4. Selling points – A respectable attorney will discuss ‘selling points’ with you, such as credentials, affiliations, professional organizations, recommendations from clients and/or legal peers, and reviews from independent agencies.

As an indebted individual under both financial and emotional stress, you want a clear path forward — a path that is going to give you structure, certainty, and more than a little bit of hope. We at the Law Offices of Robert Manchel understand those needs. Dial us toll free at 1 (866) 503-5655 to set up a free consultation. Since we practice exclusively in foreclosure and bankruptcy law in New Jersey, we can provide practical, informed, and customize solutions.

To find out how to receiving help in choosing the correct bankruptcy to file, please read our next post.

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