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VI. Experience and Knowledge Equals Power

As the sixth post in our 10 Reasons to Hire a New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney blog series, we will present how an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate New Jersey bankruptcy attorney can provide strategic guidance, not just to help you and your family get out of debt, but also to help you channel energies in a more constructive way. Search for an attorney with these attributes:

  1. Credentialed – Hucksters and scam artists regularly take advantage of desperate debtors. No one wants to get involved with a scam artist. But it can often be difficult to tell these people apart from genuinely experienced agents. Remember: just because someone has good credentials doesn’t mean that he or she can deliver. However, if a debt relief agent lacks good credentials, that should be a red flag.
  2. Specialized – Many NJ bankruptcy lawyers are “jacks of all trade, masters of none.” In other words, they tackle all kinds of cases, including consumer bankruptcy, white collar crime, fraud, criminal defense, and so forth. This lack of specialization can hurt you. After all, if you’re not constantly paying attention to the evolution of bankruptcy NJ law, you could miss important subtleties that could help your clients.
  3. Accessible – A proactive New Jersey Bankruptcy lawyer should take your calls and emails and provide attentive service. Unfortunately, many attorneys and other debt relief professionals fail to listen effectively to the needs of debtors and thus create needless stresses and anxiety.
  4. Knowledgeable – New Jersey bankruptcy law is always changing. The federal bankruptcy code and federal rules of bankruptcy procedure likewise evolve at a rapid clip. Ideally, you want an attorney who keeps pace with changes in the field.
  5. Experienced – A limited number of judges, trustees, and agents of the court, handle the majority of New Jersey bankruptcy cases. Ideally, you want to retain a lawyer who has good relationships with these people and who knows how to negotiate with them effectively on behalf of clients.
  6. Proven – A lawyer may be a financial wizard and a keen student of the law, but if he or she hasn’t demonstrated practical results over many years, this should give you pause. After all, you don’t want to be a test case. You want to work with someone who has demonstrated success time and again in cases like yours.

To explore the philosophy, process, and credentials of the attorney Robert Manchel, please browse his site or dial his hotline now at 866-503-5655.

Please refer to our next post to find out how failing to hire a NJ bankruptcy lawyer can lead to problems.

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