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III. Maximize the Efficiency of Your NJ Bankruptcy Filing

As the third post in our 10 Reasons to Hire a New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney blog series, the focus will be on how to get the most out of the effectiveness of your New Jersey bankruptcy filing.

First of all, a savvy New Jersey bankruptcy lawyer can maximize the benefits you get out of your bankruptcy NJ filing. With enhanced efficiency, you can protect more of your assets, excuse more of your debts, and move past your bankruptcy faster and more effectively. Moreover, you will be better prepared to build a sustainable financial future and to avoid subsequent NJ bankruptcies. Here are few of the benefits of improved efficiency:

  1. Your attorney (and/or his or her staff) can do paperwork for you – The paperwork and petitions that a debtor must file – even for the simplest New Jersey bankruptcy cases – can be overwhelming. Without an attorney helping you, you can easily get snowed under by these technical forms. Moreover, if you make mistakes – for instance, leave out certain assets or debts or provide inaccurate numbers – these inaccuracies can haunt you later and complicate your filing.
  2. Maximize your exemptions – New Jersey bankruptcy laws are always changing. Rules governing what assets can be exempt are also constantly shifting. Only an experienced and up to speed attorney can advise you properly about your best strategy for protecting as many of your assets as possible. Believe it or not, subtle changes in how you declare your property, for instance, can radically alter the outcome of your filing. You may be able to protect a car, a house, or other major asset. Moreover, even small ‘victories’ in terms of maximizing your exemptions can pay dividends that can easily compensate you for your legal fees and then some.
  3. Your time equals money – In any financial transaction, you should strive for cost efficiency. You must invest something – be it money, time, or energy – into any given project. You also should expect some return from that investment. When you hire an attorney, he or she can tackle a variety of processes that would likely eat up tremendous amounts of your time. If, for instance, you earn fifteen dollars an hour doing your job and you waste 100 hours filling out NJ bankruptcy forms (probably ineffectively), that’s $1,500 dollars in potential income you have lost. On the other hand, if you essentially “outsource” that work to a respected New Jersey bankruptcy attorney, you can use that time to earn more money or otherwise get your finances/ life in order.
  4. Prioritizing equals money – A New Jersey bankruptcy attorney can help you prioritize your next actions, so that you attend to the important aspects of your filing when they need to be attended to. For instance, you won’t waste time attending to a particular creditor while ignoring key filing deadlines. An experienced attorney can keep you on the straight and narrow and make sure that you follow a time-tested strategy for getting your finances under control.
  5. Fair and easy legal fees save you money – Reasonable legal fees help you optimize your reorganization. Thus, you need not worry about yet another expense on top of all your other expenses.

To learn more about the reputable and respected attorneys here at the Law Offices of Robert Manchel, dial 1-866-503-5655 right now. Attorney Manchel is certified by the American Board of Certification as a consumer law New Jersey bankruptcy attorney. He has been helping clients in New Jersey discover relief via bankruptcy since 1992.

Please read our next post to find out how you can prevent mistakes from happening when filing for a New Jersey bankruptcy.

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