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I. Protect Yourself from Uncertainty and Unknowns When Filing Bankruptcy

To begin our Ten Part Blog Series discussing the 10 Reasons to Hire a New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney, we will address how you can go about protecting yourself from uncertainty and unknowns.

Should you hire a New Jersey bankruptcy attorney to help you and your family get out of debt, avoid foreclosure, and deal with other loose ends? Perhaps. After all, unless you are an experienced NJ bankruptcy attorney yourself, you likely face a variety of unfamiliar issues:

  1. NJ bankruptcy law changes – Unless you invest time and energy to keep up with the latest and most critical changes to New Jersey bankruptcy law, you could accidentally flounder your attempts to file correctly. Not all nuances in bankruptcy law will be applicable to your situation. But if you fail to notice certain subtle points of law, your filing could run into serious trouble.
  2. Unknowns lead to anxiety and fear – Social psychologists have demonstrated time and again that uncertainty creates fear, anxiety and even depression in individuals. The less you know about your rights, options, and obligations, the more anxiety you are likely to feel. If you hire an experienced New Jersey bankruptcy lawyer, you will likely substantially reduce feelings of regret, remorse, and anxiety about the future, and so forth.
  3. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up in the wrong hands – Bad advice about New Jersey bankruptcy abounds. If you are in desperate financial straits, you could easily make bad decisions that could land you even in hotter water and potentially compromise your options. Scam artists abound, as do bad, incompetent, and even unethical attorneys. Retaining a trustworthy New Jersey bankruptcy attorney can protect you against getting involved with these hucksters.
  4. New Jersey bankruptcy law is impossible to learn ‘on the fly’ – Even if you are an experienced lawyer in some other domain, it can take years, if not decades, to develop finesse with respect to New Jersey’s bankruptcy laws. It can be tricky to figure out what kinds of debts are dischargeable and what aren’t. Also, your creditors must follow certain rules of protocol mandated by both federal and state laws. If you don’t know precisely what those rules are, you can have a difficult time stopping creditor harassment.

To eliminate uncertainty and to wrangle the unknowns that are keeping you up at night, contact the experienced New Jersey bankruptcy attorneys of the Law Offices of Robert Manchel. As a Camden County native and a practicing bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney for nearly two decades, Mr. Manchel provides all clients with experience, expertise, accessibility, and reasonable fees. Please dial 1-866-503-5655 for more information.

Please refer to our next post to learn how you can establish a buffer between you and other parties when handling bankruptcy matters.

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